The Calgary Multicultural Choir

What fun it has been, conducting this choir since the fall of 2005.

The ‘learnings’ for me, at first, were as large as for the choir members.

I had sung in Italian, German, French, Latin and even Spanish before, but never in Hungarian, Mende, Hebrew or Estonian, (to name only a few of the languages that we have sung!)

This is a warm and friendly, but hard working group of singers.

The choir has continued to honour the original intent; to explore the songs from different cultures and to perform them in the community. We have a music committee who works hard to find music that is an authentic representation of the music of the different cultures. We are headed by a choir board, who works at creating a joyful experience for the members of the choir.

Twice a year we invite a visit from potential members. We welcome people who are willing to put in a little extra time between practices to sing thru their songs. The faster we learn the songs the sooner we get to the ‘music’.

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A Prayer For Choir Members




Calgary Music Makers Choir


Each Thursday morning at rehearsals, Nancy Thomson inspires an enthusiastic group of some thirty mature individuals to create beautiful music. Music has a way of renewing the mind and soul, but music with Nancy revitalizes the whole person.

Under Nancy’s direction, The Calgary Music Makers Choir delivers with a gusto one might expect from a more youthful group of performers, as Nancy provokes a performance that is exceptional beyond expectations. She encourages an outpouring from the mature members of this Choir.

Making music becomes more fun with Nancy. The Calgary Music Makers has evolved and grown quickly under Nancy’s leadership, to become Calgary’s foremost fifty-five plus choir.

- Everrett M -


Nancy (Jackson) Thomson graciously accepted our offer to become the conductor of The Calgary Music Makers Choir in September 2012. Under her leadership, the choir has grown in size and in singing ability. She teaches with humor and has an inclusive approach that fosters understanding and encouragement. Nancy shares her knowledge through the introduction of new songs and she goes above and beyond to help the choir. We are very pleased to have her as our conductor.

Mary Stanley
Past President
The Calgary Music Makers





For six (6) years we worked very closely with Nancy (Jackson) Thomson in her role as the dedicated Co-Director/Conductor of the Calgary Multicultural Choir. Under her leadership the choir grew dramatically and musically. She continues to improve her musical and directing skills by attending prestigious conferences and symposiums. She is always striving to learn from others and to pass on her newly developed and fine-tuned skills to the Calgary Multicultural Choir, her other choirs and her voice students. Her determination, sensitivity, and love of music both religious and secular are appreciated by all.


Christiane (Tina) Roach, Former President CMC
Albert J. Roach, Former Secretary CMC

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35th Anniversary Concert

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