Nancy (Jackson) Thomson offers private singing lessons at her studio in the area of Bragg Creek, for all those intent on improving their singing skills. There are no age restrictions and experience is not required. Training is customized for the student and may include any of the following:


  • ear training
  • sight reading
  • developing confidence, focus and discipline
  • establishing stage presence
  • performance tips and guidelines
  • preparing for examinations, auditions, recitals or concerts
  • rehearsing for festivals, competitions or recording sessions
  • leading church worship
  • creating recordings


Nancy is a member of the Royal Conservatory Teacher certificate program and is listed with them as an Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Specialist - Voice.


"Music has been my main passion and inspiration ever since I was a little girl. I learned to sing harmonies with my mother while doing the dishes together every night. When I was ten years old, unlike other kids my age I wanted to be an opera singer – not a rock star! After school and university, I was married and starting a family and thought it was too late to seriously study music. However, through her own life example, Nancy demonstrated to me that it is never too late!

I have sung in children’s choirs, adult choirs and church choirs most of my life. I’ve even directed choirs. Nancy helped me to realize that I could reach higher than I ever thought with voice. I had taken some lessons before studying with Nancy, but decided I wanted to study more seriously and work toward completion of RCM grade levels.

decided I wanted to study more seriously and work toward completion of RCM grade levels.
In my forties, I began to study with her for my RCM Grade 8, which I successfully achieved after two years. I received my Grade 9 a few years after that. I took a break from voice for 5 years to study for the Grade 9 co-requisites of harmony and history, then returned to vocal training with Nancy to resume studies.
When I’m performing and I find myself going to my technique to tackle a difficult section or get myself out of vocal trouble, I give a little thank you to Nancy! Her teaching has been invaluable to me. This past year especially, I notice that I’m getting to a whole new level yet again thanks to the amazing techniques that she employs. Nancy is a lifelong learner, and her learning translates directly into our learning and success as students. There are moments when I’m singing and in my mind I’m thinking “I can’t believe that amazing sound came from ME – and so effortlessly!” Nancy has an amazing ability to connect with students of ALL ages, all backgrounds and all skill levels. I highly recommend Nancy as your vocal coach."    - Joan Carson




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"Although I have loved singing all of my life and have sung in choirs for many years it is only in the past few years that I have “treated” myself to private vocal coaching with Nancy. This was a revelation to me; I had no idea how much goes into producing a good vocal sound! Nancy has been so helpful in her astute assessment of my voice, working on exercises that help with breath control, correcting posture for singing and in expressing the meaning of the songs for the best performance. As a participant in a number of her “student recitals” I have had the opportunity to appreciate how dedicated Nancy is to all of her voice students from all age groups. She is there giving support and encouragement to each of us. She nurtures a love of music and makes singing fun." - Teresa Boughen